Transplant Your Life Once Your Hair Is Back

So it goes in life. Due to genetics and hereditary factors, people from all walks of life and differing socio-economic circumstances, age differently. Ageing to an advanced age is natural and healthy, and one of the most common physical signs of ageing among men is the loss of hair. But the loss of hair can be pretty traumatic among younger men and particularly women. Such occurrences may be rare among the women, but again, this does have something to do with a genetic or hereditary disposition.

Also, the sudden loss of hair occurs due to other conditions, mainly medical. It happens that both men and women can lose a significant amount of hair after a particularly serious surgery procedure. Also, serious illness and high levels of stress and anxiety are common causes of drastic hair loss. Speaking of stress and anxiety, it is time to alleviate same. Men and women who are particularly distressed about the loss of hair need to start relaxing.

neograft hair transplant

Now, they can be safe in the knowledge that there are a number of healthy and clinical procedures that can be carried out to restore or replace natural hair that was lost. If natural hair cannot grow back, a qualified clinician can initiate the neograft hair transplant. This is a procedure that utilizes the patient’s own grafts in order to initiate a process of natural hair growth. But where absolutely no hair re-growth is possible, hair can still be restored.

It is no longer referred to as a wig because the hair restoration is quite natural. The hair implanted is real. And once all is set in place, it looks so natural, so much so that no third party would be aware of the transformation.