Here Is How You Could Have ED

If you have not done the good deed, like, for month, maybe even years, you could have ED. The good deed of service is the pleasing of your lady in waiting next to you with your unique set of blood vessels and man-muscle. Most guys like to refer to it as their dicks but in clinical terms this is, of course, your penis. ED, on the other hand, is the neat acronym that refers to erectile dysfunction. This may be you.

what causes ED

This may mean that lately, maybe for weeks, maybe for months, maybe even for years, you just haven’t been able to get it up. Your lady in waiting, well, she was once upon a time a very patient gal indeed, but for some guys out there, she just upped and left. She could wait no more to be satisfied and there you were left sitting, all limp-fisted like. Slap it up and, nope, it still doesn’t want to work. Guys, if you ever want to have seriously successful serious relationships with serious girls again, you’ve got to have a very serious talk with yourself in the mirror and then have a hard, hard, sorry guys, it has to be said, look at what causes ED.

Could be down to any number of reasons. And you could here for the next hundred years trying to figure out what it is that causes your dick to stay so soft and get you to go nowhere, nowhere with girls and nowhere in life. It hurts any man’s pride not to be able to get it up. You could be looking at this sore problem for the rest of your life. But you don’t need to. All you need is professional help, minus the pill.